Royal Zoological Society of Scotland

Through our strong links with RZSS and Edinburgh Zoo we have the involvement of an organisation which has one of the largest public footfalls in the UK for public engagement and dissemination purposes. Senior management from RZSS also sit on our Public Engagement and Dissemination Panel.

Centre for Health Science, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness

Through our strong specialist clinical links at Raigmore we have access to clinical and surgical expertise that underpins the live surgical digital data acquisition for texture mapping of the 3D models. Subject specialists also sit on our clinical advisory and validation panel.

University of Glasgow, College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences

MVLS provides a direct link into basic biological and life science disciplines including anatomy, underpinning our cadaveric research and prosection. MVLS also has extensive human and animal clinical expertise and facilities. Subject specialists from MVLS also sit on our two advisory panels.

The Royal Veterinary College, London

Through our collaboration with RVC we have the involvement of senior clinicians with extensive public-engagement expertise. Senior management from RVC also sit on our Public Engagement and Dissemination Panel.

Glasgow Science Centre

The DDS and Glasgow Science Centre are close neighbours at Pacific Quay, known as Scotland’s Digital Media Quarter. The DDS and GCS are working together to help with initiatives including the 2013 BodyWorks exhibition and are one of our intended dissemination partners.