Features/ System requirements


  • The most advanced and realistic 3D digital model of the human head and neck available
  • Clinically validated at all levels of construction for guaranteed accuracy
  • Fully annotated and interactive in realtime allowing confident anatomical navigation
  • Intuitive, user-centred control for effective solo or group learning and teaching
  • Fully scalable systems enabling laptop viewing through to full 3D virtual cave displays
  • Novel views can be produced by slicing through the dataset with virtual cutting planes
  • Dissections can be practised, recalled and repeated as the visual state at each point can be saved
  • Detailed and systematic analysis of anatomical structures can be made using predefined flight paths
  • Surgical preparation can be supported through multiple viewing angles and screenshots

Software Features

The dataset

  • Datasets acquired from laser scans of cadaveric dissection and digital photography from live surgery
  • All datasets are reviewed and validated by trusted expert clinicians and anatomists
  • All of the modelled anatomical features are annotated and labelled for ease of reference
  • Realism is delivered through high quality textures and normal maps
  • Datasets are optimised for real-time display enabling live user-interaction

The functionality

Full 3D Stereo support, Select single and multiple anatomical components, Toggle anatomy on and off, Anatomy can be manipulated and translated, Labels can be shown and hidden, Cutting planes allow the user to slice geometry and view internal structures, Anatomy can be selected and grouped, Video-playback of dissections, Interactive exploded views of anatomical structures, Screenshots can be captured and printed, Searchable and selectable anatomy lists, Dynamic loading of geometry and textures, Libraries and dependencies used are cross platform.

Minimum System Requirements

  • PC-based platform
  • Operating System:- Windows 7, Windows 8 or 10
  • RAM memory:- at least 4 GB System RAM
  • Graphics card:- Nvidia GT 730 or higher, or AMD equivalent (Intel integrated graphics not supported).
  • The graphic card must support OGL 3.0 and GLSL 1.3
  • The latest graphic drivers should be installed