The DDS has been a leader in research and development within the field of high-end 3D visualisation and interaction since 1997, working with EU and UK research councils, government departments and blue-chip companies, creating advanced visualisation products in various industries including the automotive, built environment, defence, shipbuilding and medical sectors.

Our most recent output/achievement is the completion of the definitive 3D head and neck anatomy as part of the high profile collaboration with NHS Education Scotland.

The 3D Definitive Human Project is the next logical step for the DDS as it continues to evolve and apply its growing 3D visualisation expertise to new areas, in particular, the area of health and wellbeing. Having completed the definitive 3D model of the human head and neck anatomy in partnership with NHS Education Scotland, we are now focussed upon completing the remainder of the human body to the same high standard.

We have a strong background in the medical visualisation sector, having led the creation and implementation of the Scottish Medical Visualisation Network. This collaborative initiative brought together 22 different medical disciplines and allied healthcare professionals across 44 different organisations in Scotland to pursue excellence in medical visualisation. Through this network, the DDS created specific 3D digital models of selected parts of human anatomy which have been used to educate medical and allied health professionals. These digital models have also been used to support activities such as pre-operative planning, contributing to risk reduction, surgical simulation and increased patient safety. The DDS has several international publications and outputs of this work including the RCPSG Macewen lecture entitled ‘Developing 3D Interactive Anatomy’ presented by Professor Paul Anderson at the International Surgical Congress of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland.

The DDS has published widely on research to date and has received significant recognition in recent major publications such as the RCUK report Big Ideas for the Future (June 2012) and as a result of the highly successful launch of the 3D Head and Neck The DDS has also secured a Fulbright Visiting Professorship in Medical Visualisation from the US Fulbright Commission – a world first in medical visualisation.