3D Definitive Human Progress

This summer marks the exciting continuation of the 3D Definitive Human Project with DDS together with its professional partner network embarking on the construction of the 3D definitive male and female.

The 3D Definitive Human project will build on the experience gained in constructing the 3D Head and Neck to produce the most accurate, comprehensive and detailed male and female anatomical full body models ever constructed. Like the 3D Head and Neck, the anatomical information will be fully annotated, medically validated, and can be interactively “disassembled” to isolate and study individual substructures then reassembled at the touch of a button.

Interaction with this unique 3D dataset will be equally innovative, providing users with a compelling learning experience incorporating easy-to-use interface tools with which to explore human anatomy.

The main competitive advantage of this proposed model over others may be described in simple terms. As we have demonstrated in the Head and Neck model its uniqueness comes from the meticulous forging together of three key components:

  • The anatomical precision and accuracy of the constructed datasets
  • The specialist clinical input to challenge and validate the mode
  • The seamless interface allowing risk free, intuitive user-interactivity in real-time, enabling meaningful feedback and learning

This project will employ highly skilled professionals as part of the co-ordinated multi-disciplinary team required to meet the significant and diverse technical challenges and validation processes posed by a project of this nature.

Workflow and Timetable